About the Owners

A Warm Welcome from both of us….

Yachats has been a favorite Oregon beach destination for both of us for many years. David’s family lived near the coast when he was young so his ocean experiences were deeply embedded long ago. I, Barbara, grew up in the mid-west and was an adult by the time I experienced my first ocean adventure. I was 21 years old on my first visit to Yachats and I fell in love with the scenic area, especially Cape Perpetua. Over the years, visits to the Oregon Coast became my favorite relaxation destination.

Our Promise: Customer Service

My 31 years experience in the customer service business laid a good foundation for working with and helping people. Over the years David and I have enjoyed being guests at other’s vacation rental homes and B & B's. We know what guests look for in accommodations.

Enjoying  your vacation home lodging is a big part of your vacation experience.

Our Vacation Rental Home

The Sea Anemone rounds out your stay in Yachats by providing a cozy, safe and secluded place for you to relax and rejuvenate. We love our beach house and we enjoy furnishing for the comfort of you. Customer service is a big deal for us and we find that managing our rental home independent of a large rental company gives us freedom to get to know you on a more personal level.

We strive to provide a positive guest experience for you.


Our house, where memories begin…