Foodies Adventure at the Green Salmon

Foodies Adventure at the Green Salmon
Foodies adventures await your visit to our charming coastal town.

A great place to have brunch in Yachats, Oregon

No visit to Yachats is complete without a stop at the Green Salmon. Someone once told me the Green Salmon is “where the locals hang out”. I assumed it to be a quiet little coffee shop where retired local folks gather to swap stories and, perhaps, tourists occasionally venture. Since the Green Salmon closes at 2:00 PM it just seemed to slip from my agenda when I wandered around town. Therefore, read on as I share my foodies adventure at the Green Salmon.

OH MY GOODNESS! I didn’t know what I was missing!

This Blog post is part of the Foodies Adventure series where I highlight restaurants and shops that cater to the epicurean experience in our charming coastal town. Hopefully, you will find the information I supply to be helpful as you plan your Central Oregon Coast vacation in Yachats, Oregon.

Yachats (YA hots) is a perfect getaway for a few days or longer. Nestled serenely between green forests to the east and dramatic ocean waves to the west, you will soon be won over by our small town charm. Yachats is located 25 miles south of Newport on historic and scenic Highway 101.

A beautiful morning at the beach just got better!

I made a point of stopping at the Green Salmon for lunch one day as I headed out of town for the day’s drive home. This cozy place buzzed with energy as tourists and locals stood in line to order. Multiple conversations were in progress at each table with an occasional eruption of laughter. People were happy! Furthermore, people had plates piled with wonderful collections of colorful and aromatic food stuffs with intriguing looking beverages in tow.

Wait! A giant cinnamon roll caught my eye as I stepped aside for the fortunate cinnamon roll owner as she made her way to a nearby table.

An impressive menu board

The menu board behind the order counter runs nearly the length of the building. It is astounding at the variety of coffee drinks, chocolate drinks, vegan drinks and smoothies, some with unique sounding names like, Tsunami Coffee, Clockwork Orange Mocha, and Shroom Tea. Yummy looking breads and bagels provide the base for truly epic sandwiches and wraps. Menu selections like, Chorizo Breakfast Wrap, the tame Sesame Chicken Wrap, and even the Sacred Cow, a vegetarian Rueben sandwich made with tempeh, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese.

Multiple conversations were in progress at each table with an occasional eruption of laughter. People were happy!

Consequently, I ordered my old standby, the Tuna Melt, from which I base my final judgment of casual restaurant worthiness. It was suburb! Crusty bread piled with plenty of tuna topped with a tomato slice and melted cheddar cheese running down to the plate. As a result, it looked like a little castle and the taste would satisfy even the Royals.

Beverages that will knock your socks off!

Foodies Adventure at the Green Salmon

My favorite beverage at the Green Salmon, to date, is the Berry Green. (Not to be confused with the Barry Manilow. No, they don’t offer a smoothie named the Barry Manilow, but I suppose you could run into him in Yachats). The green in the Berry Green is kale. Yes, KALE! Strawberries and raspberries and apple juice complete the ingredient list. It is healthy and so delicious. The beverage is red with no suspect green leafy debris visible in the concoction. I highly recommend it!

Lots of good vibes!

The atmosphere of the Green Salmon is energetic, at least during tourist season. Personnel are pressed to be efficient and courteous. They excel in both arenas. A number of wood tables and chairs are available for patrons, along with a long table in front of the windows for those unable to find seating otherwise. In addition, outside seating is available, although limited in space.

Personnel are pressed to be efficient and courteous. They excel in both arenas.

Giant papier-mâché mushrooms observe the happenings from the top shelf of a retail display where patrons may purchase packets of imported tea. Hmmm, I must return when I have more time to delve a bit deeper.

Reports from the resident Ladies Room Aficionado, Lucy Cheeks, finds the unisex rest room ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­up to par. There are actually two private bathrooms on site for customers.

Five Stars for the Green Salmon

In conclusion, five stars recommendation for the Green Salmon all around. Great customer service when the rubber hits the road. And, that menu board will keep me coming back! What is your favorite food and drink at the Green Salmon?

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