Foodies Adventure in Yachats

Good Food in Yachats, Oregon

Foodies Adventure in Yachats at the Drift Inn

Most every visit to the coast finds me enjoying a NEW foodies adventure in Yachats at the Drift Inn.

First, the atmosphere is casual yet stimulating. Colorful decorative umbrellas hang from the ceiling, hinting perhaps at the possible chance of rain outside during, well, some months of the year. Blown glass light fixtures extend from the ceiling and hang over booths and tables in the dining area. Interesting art by area artists adorns the walls. Just walking in the door is fun.

Next, once seated at a booth or table, my tummy growls in anticipation as I peruse a lengthy menu.  Raspberry crepes for breakfast are hard to pass by. Then, there are omelets and fritattas and cinnamon rolls and waffles. Well, good luck with making your selection. Whatever you choose though, I can attest you will not be disappointed.

Lunch and dinner options on the menu create another game of what if. Varieties of soup and salads and several tempting seafood entrees are on the eclectic menu. Steak, pizza, burgers, rice and pasta fares fill out the menu offerings. As a fish lover, I usually select something Salmon or seafood related. My hubby especially likes the Rubbery Shrubbery salad.

Then, another dilemma! Making a dessert choice requires nearly a psychological soul search. Do you like Marion Berry in a ramekin or, perhaps something chocolate with ice cream? How can one pass up chocolate AND ice cream in the same adventure? You just have to check out the menu to see all the delectable options. As for me, it is always chocolate and ice cream, with a stolen spoonful or two from my hubby’s Marion Berry treat.

Drift Inn history

The Drift Inn has been around for decades and holds a storied past. Booze, pool hall, boxing; throw in Prohibition and you can imagine the Wild West right here in Yachats. The proprietor hosted boxing matches in the rooms upstairs. Take the time to read up on the history while you wait for your food. Fragile glass lights and umbrellas would probably not have survived the earlier rougher days of the Drift Inn.

Ladies Room report with Lucy Cheeks

Remember Lucy Cheeks – the area ladies room aficionado? She is ecstatic about the ladies room in the Drift Inn. Colorful tiling adorns the walls creating a faux under-water world that plays to your inner Mermaid. Lucy rates it the #1 ladies room in Yachats! She has not ventured a peek into the men’s room. I wonder if it is decorated after Poseidon, Greek god of the sea?

Customer service at the Drift Inn

Additionally, customer service has been great every time I have visited the Drift Inn. It gets very busy during tourist season and some weekends in the off season. The wait has been reasonable in my experience and, usually I have been seated immediately. Wait staff is friendly. I spent some time at the bar with my adult son one evening last year and we had a great time visiting with locals and guests alike.

Nightly music at the Drift Inn

Finally, I especially appreciate nightly live music. What a treat; a cozy atmosphere with great food, a lively bar, and local entertainment makes for fun memories with a loved one.

I highly recommend a Foodies Adventure in Yachats at the Drift Inn on your next visit to the Central Oregon Coast! Where is your favorite place to eat in Yachats? Why?

I trust you will collect wonderful memories with your family when you stay at the Sea Anemone as you visit and explore Yachats.

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