Hiking in Yachats Oregon

Gerdemann Botanic GardensHiking in Yachats Oregon


Gerdemann Botanic Gardens is one of my favorite hikes in Yachats. This is an easy hike and only takes about 15 minutes from beginning to end. Fortunately, the location of the garden is a perfect hike straight from our Sea Anemone vacation home. Add another 15 minutes from our house and you have a nice 60 minute or so round-trip stroll, depending on your pace. The Sea Anemone is a great starting point for pleasant hiking in Yachats Oregon.

Hike from the Sea Anemone vacation homeHiking in Yachats Oregon

Getting to the garden is easy. First, you will find the 804 Trail just 2 minutes through the trees off our yard. Head south about a quarter mile to the Overleaf Lodge parking lot and walk out to Highway 101.

Hiking in Yachats Oregon

Then, carefully cross the highway and turn north to the Green House Market Place.

Hiking in Yachats Oregon


Walk the path past the Earthworks Gallery as you admire their outdoor sculpture.

Finally, you reach the entrance gate to the Gerdemann Botanic Garden tucked at the end of the lane. You are about to begin a pleasant hiking experience in Yachats Oregon.

The garden gateHiking in Yachats Oregon

Enter the garden through the gate, being careful to close the gate securely. You will be on private property so please follow the rules. No dogs are allowed on the trail. Thank you to the owners for kindly allowing entrance to their garden for all to enjoy hiking in Yachats Oregon.

Hiking in Yachats OregonHiking in Yachats Oregon



Hiking in Yachats OregonUpon entering you find yourself surrounded by native spruce and hemlock trees. Many types of other shrubs and trees are planted in this 3 ½ acre preserve. Magnolia, camellia and rhododendrons bloom in the spring alongside trillium, lilies and bleeding hearts.

Hiking in Yachats Oregon

I find the large leaf rhododendrons especially interesting as it is a different species from what I usually find along other hiking trails. Hiking in Yachats Oregon

Good walking shoes work best over the graveled trail. Wooden railing and steps help along the way over rougher terrain. Information is posted describing various plants and the animals that visit the area. Keep an eye out for elves living in a log along the path.

Jim and Janis Gerdemann

This site was developed and nurtured by Jim and Janis Gerdemann. Jim was the botanist who worked to establish this lovely garden. He experimented with planting, and in some cases developing, select plant species from around the world along side native plants and trees. The result is this peaceful woodland paradise that surrounds you with luscious greenery. The preserve is relaxing and quiet with Mitchell Creek providing the refreshing background sound of trickling water.

Ya ‘Xaik TrailHiking in Yachats Oregon

Upon reaching the exit gate at the far end of the garden you can turn around and retrace your steps to the Sea Anemone vacation home. Or, exit the garden at the far end and continue onto the Ya ‘Xaik Trail, another adventure in greenery with a bit more elevation. This hike is still fairly easy and eventually brings you back to Diversity Lane and Highway 101. Add another 30 minutes or so to your hike if you include the Ya ‘Xaik Trail. This makes a nice duo for experiencing hiking in Yachats Oregon.

Get a feel for the Siuslaw National Forest

I highly recommend you step into this lovely little paradise of green. Get a feel for the Siuslaw National Forest with this easy and peaceful trek. All is within steps of your dining and shopping plans in our charming little seaside town.

What is your favorite hike in Yachats? Why?

I trust you will collect wonderful memories with your family when you stay at the Sea Anemone as you visit and explore Yachats.

Our house, where memories begin…