What Do I Pack for My Yachats, Oregon Vacation?

What the hey? Does it always rain in Oregon?

What do I pack for my Yachats, Oregon vacation?

So, you have decided to visit Yachats, Oregon. Smart choice.

Packing though, for a vacation can be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Oregon has a reputation for RAIN. There are even songs about Oregon rain. So the question abounds, what do I pack for my Yachats, Oregon vacation?

The weather in Yachats is very pleasant

First of all, let’s take a peek at what the average weather is in this lovely little hamlet. Yachats gets about 74 inches of rain per year. This might sound like a lot compared to the US average of 39 inches. However, snowfall is  a mere 2 inches per year, while the average US city gets 26 inches of snow per year. The number of days with any measurable precipitation in Yachats is 161.

You number crunchers can do what you wish with this information. For the rest of us, our main question is, “Hey, is there a brewery in town?” (That answer is a definite, “YES”).

According to bestplaces.net, these numbers might help you better understand what weather to expect. It might also pleasantly rain, at least 161 days in there somewhere. The brewery is warm and dry all year (no pun intended).

“On average, there are 156 sunny days per year in Yachats, Oregon. The July high is around 63 degrees. The January low is 40. Sperling’s comfort index for Yachats is a 77 out of 100, where a higher score indicates a more comfortable year-around climate. The US average for the comfort index is 54. Our index is based on the total number of days annually within the comfort range of 70-80 degrees, and we also applied a penalty for days of excessive humidity.”

What do I pack for my Yachats, Oregon vacation?

What do I pack for my Yachats, Oregon vacation?

Dressing in Yachats is very simple; casual is the name of the game. Check out these ideas to answer that torturous vacation question, “What do I pack?” More specifically, “What do I pack for my Yachats, Oregon vacation?”

First, a comfortable pair of walking shoes is recommended. There are so many opportunities to walk that it would be a shame to not have the right shoes for the job. The 804 trail, hikes at Cape Perpetua, exploring tide pools or just walking about town with family checking out the shops and eateries are wonderful ways to spend time in our little village – in comfortable shoes.

Summer months in Yachats

In summer, shorts and light clothing are perfect. Hiking type sandals or water shoes to protect feet on the rocky shore that also provide traction on slippery or steep rocks are recommended. Please include sunscreen! Even on cloudy days one can get badly sunburned. Ouch! I can speak from experience on that one.

A light jacket or sweater and a pair of long pants are nice to have handy as foggy summer mornings can be cool.

Pacific waters are cold year round, and currents and undertows can be dangerous so swimming in the ocean is not recommended. However, sun bathing on the sandy beach is fine on a hot summer day, with sunscreen.

A summer rain coat is a wise idea. Coastal squalls can move in any time of year, although, summers tend to be far more sunny and clear. I have a light rain coat that works well in spring, summer and fall.

Winter months in Yachats

What do i pack for my Yachats, Oregon vacation?For the winter months of December – March, I recommend jeans, long pants, sweaters or long sleeve shirts for indoor living.

For winter, I wear my hip-length rain coat that has a zip out liner. A sweater or fleece jacket adds a layer of warmth if the weather is chilled or windy. I also recommend a pair of fleece pants and rain pants to cover if you plan to spend time outside during rainy winter days.

Last January I went out on a very windy, rainy day to walk the 804 trail to get in my fitbit steps. Attired with my rain gear covers I was toasty warm and comfortable. It was fun to see the wild waves in solitude and I met only one person on the trail. She was dressed similarly to I and we bonded with a gloved high five as we met in passing.

Walking the sandy beach in Yachats

What Do I Pack for My Yachats, Oregon Vacation?

If you want to walk the sandy beach in winter I recommend you bring hat and gloves and rubber boots. Several rivulets drain directly into the ocean and are wide enough to get your feet wet without waterproof shoes or boots. In summer, the cool sand feels marvelous and you can cross the rivulets barefooted.

It is always a beautiful day in Yachats

No matter what style of clothing you pack, whether out and about in warm and sunny weather or keeping it cozy in winter fleece jammies with beef stew in the crock pot, it is always a beautiful day in Yachats!

We trust you will collect wonderful memories with your family when you stay at the Sea Anemone as you visit and explore Yachats.

Our house, where memories begin…