The #1 Reason to Visit the Central Oregon Coast

The Village of Yachats, Oregon

The #1 Reason to Visit the Central Oregon Coast
Bird watching is fun at the beach in Yachats

A vacation in Yachats, Oregon is the #1 reason to visit the Central Oregon Coast. Wondrous ocean views and majestic adventures abound for families and friends. Yachats, pronounced YAH-hots, is a nature lover’s paradise and is also a perfect romantic getaway.

Constant swells of the ever adjusting tide break against ancient basalt rocks, as they have done for millennia. Over 300 species of birds make their homes in the Central Coast area, including songbirds, seabirds and birds of prey. A variety of whale species migrate up and down the Oregon Coast, the gray whale being the most common. Although rare, killer whales may be spotted in early spring as whales with their young migrate north. Herds of sea lions and seals forage and reside along the entire Oregon coastline.

Yachats is worth the drive

The #1 Reason to Visit the Central Oregon Coast

Nestled between the Oregon Coast Range and the rocky coastline of the mighty Pacific Ocean, Yachats is located 78 driving miles west from Corvallis and 24 miles south of Newport on Highway 101.

Yachats is worth the drive.

Most noteworthy, the business district of Yachats is populated with quaint eateries, art galleries, boutique gift shops, and locally owned and operated shops. Some restaurants feature live music in the evening, including open mic. In addition, the village hosts many events throughout the year such as the “Winter Celebration” that runs from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. Also, some events on tap for 2018, include art fairs, quilt shows, concerts, and a music festival. Furthermore, no fast food or drive-up restaurant establishments are located in the village in order to preserve the small town character that defines Yachats.

The 804 trail

The #1 Reason to Visit the Central Oregon Coast
Relaxing walk on the historic 804 Trail

Fortunately, beaches of the Oregon Coast are public and open for all to enjoy. The 804 trail runs from downtown Yachats and north along the rocky shore. Perch yourself on a bench and enjoy the variety of seabirds or marvel at ocean views; maybe even spot ocean going wildlife. The 804 trail continues north for 7 miles of sandy beach, all the way to Waldport.  Play in the sand like a kid. Finally, stunning sunsets draw tourists and locals alike for evening visits to the water’s edge.

A bit of Yachats history

A post office was first established at present day Yachats in 1892 and the outpost was originally called, “Oceanview”. The village was reputed as a tourist destination by the early 1900’s in spite of the difficulties in reaching the town due to a lack of reliable roads. Finally, the name Yachats was officially christened in 1917. Since the Roosevelt Memorial Highway was built in 1931, currently known as Highway 101, tourism has continually increased and is now the area’s largest industry.

The gem of the Oregon Coast

I invite you to our lovely little hamlet. I believe you will soon agree a vacation in Yachats is the #1 reason to visit the Central Oregon Coast. Decide for yourself if Yachats is worthy of its reputation as, ‘the Gem of the Oregon Coast’.

We trust you will collect wonderful memories with your family when you stay at the Sea Anemone as you visit and explore Yachats.

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