Why I Fell in Love with Yachats, Oregon?

Yachats was my first ocean adventure

Why I Fell in Love with Yachats, Oregon?

Why I fell in love with Yachats, Oregon is not a question. Yachats was my first ocean adventure. As a transplant from the flat plains of the Dakota’s, I was overwhelmed, almost frightened, as I ventured forth on the sandy beach looking out at the ocean horizon that day. First of all, the waves were majestic and powerful. Loud! Crashing! Furthermore, the horizon of undulating waves appeared as though it were above my vantage point, menacing! My brain was accustomed to my 21 years of safe and flat landscape, unobstructed, except for an occasional grove of trees or a farmstead. Now then, why didn’t those waves rush forward and engulf me in one giant swoosh?

Could I one day live in Yachats?

In spite of my ‘fear’, I ran and played like a kid, wrote messages in the sand, explored tide pools, touched sea anemones, and ate glorious seafood that day. That experience informed me of a whole new world and I fell in love with it immediately. Consequently, a seed was planted. Could I someday live in Yachats?

Jewels for my Soul

I never again experienced the frightening feeling of the wave horizon that I felt that first visit to the ocean. Instead, my visits to the Oregon Coast became jewels to my soul as I would escape for a weekend, renting someone else’s vacation home. Somehow, the waves and sand washed stress from my life and created calmness within.

Release, replenish, rejuvenate

With gratitude, I experience that same wonder every time I walk along the beach today. Waves are constant and calming, mesmerizing. I bring myself to center. See the waves as they break against the sandy shore. Hear the sound of the water as it rushes forward and spends itself against the sand. Sense the power of the waves as they push and pull in their dance with gravity. Breathe in the soothing scent of sea air. Touch wet sand with bare toes. Investigate the relationship between sea and sand. Notice miniscule eddies as sea water rushes back to the wholeness of the sea. Release, replenish, rejuvenate.

The Sea Anemone

Why I fell in love with Yachats, OregonEventually, my dream came true of having a home in Yachats that I  share with others.  It is a wonderfully cozy and safe little beach house where I sometimes seek solitude; to read, to write, to be. It is perfect for small families, a friends’ retreat, or a romantic getaway. Even, a rejuvenating getaway just by yourself. (Or, as they say in the Dakota’s, “A rejuvenating getaway just by yourself, even.”) Whether seeking a multiple day vacation on the Oregon Coast or just a quick weekend getaway from the everyday responsibilities of life, the Sea Anemone in Yachats, Oregon awaits your arrival.

I invite you to run and play like a kid, write messages in the sand, explore tide pools, touch sea anemones, and eat glorious seafood. Finally, you will understand why I fell in love with Yachats, Oregon!

You just might uncover a jewel for your soul, even.

We trust you will collect wonderful memories with family and friends when you stay at the Sea Anemone as you visit and explore Yachats.

Our house, where memories begin…